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NRMS has a Leadership team of IT professionals/consultants, focused on providing IT services to supplement the IT management capabilities of the customers. NRMS Leadership team has expertise in governance and management of IT transformation and technology refresh. We provide expert consulting and advisory services for any IT transformation — small, medium or large and complex.

NRMS provides a complete range of essential and vendor-independent services that support the IT management team of an organization.

Achieve measurable improvements in IT service quality

Achieve measurable improvements in IT service quality

Reduce costs by implementing best practices and process automation

Improve customer productivity and satisfaction by optimizing IT support

Owing to the business dynamics and varied nature of each customer, one delivery model doesn’t fit for all customers. So we understand the business processes of our customers and recommend a unique, innovative delivery model to provide value to the business operations and reduce the total cost of IT ownership. Strategic partnership is one of the most successful methods that achieve all the business goals that are aligned with the company’s vision. Even today, outsourcing is definitely a method of cost reduction. However, business goals, choice of offshore locations and other factors determine which component has to be outsourced and how to manage it.


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