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Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about the numbers first

NRMS – One Stop shop for all your Business needs.   Our experienced team of high-end technocrats to deliver services from website development to digital marketing.   New product research to  Sales & Marketing, Ticketing system, Inventory management to Customer support.  We are here to help you


Customers in the last three years. Various disciplines and from all around the globe.

Found in 2010

NRMS was formed with an absolute commitment of providing world class quality IT products and services to meet the objectives of our clients


Lines of code. Tons of MB of FTP uploads and Git commits. Now that’s impressive.


Decades of Leadership expertise. Champions in Business Software systems.


Top notch Prestige customers listed as top 500 companies worldwide.


Projects implemented in the past 7 years.  Big or small we don’t care.

Great Flexibility

Practical real solutions directly mapped to business productivity.

Always in time

Pool of skilled resources available on-demand

Top Quality

Simple engagement process with friendly flexible team

We maintain high standards

We’re committed to delivering only the highest quality products and practices. We leverage our reseller partnerships to provide a wide variety of equipment choices at competitive prices

We believe in clear communication

We know that a well-planned project maximizes efficiency for you and your team. A thorough project scope can also drive down costs

Our After service

Unfortunately, technology isn’t 100% reliable. If something goes wrong, we will be at your side, think on our feet, and deliver quick solutions.

NRMS Story

NRMS was formed in the year 2010 with an absolute commitment of providing world class quality IT products and services to meet the objectives of our clients. We practice a unique Partnership for Success paradigm, wherein we work as close business associates with our clients to architect and implement business transformations to the latest technology to adapt to multiple platform and devices with an objective to reduce IT cost both capital and operating costs thereby enabling our client to realize business advantages much before the competition.”


  • IT Transformation to evolve from inefficient operating models to automated self-service model.
  • Reduce IT capital and operating cost up to 80%.
  • Partnerships with industry leaders – Microsoft, IBM, AWS etc.
  • Latest and Cross Technology expertise enabling us to deliver cutting edge solutions
  • End to End Services and solutions to meet all customers need under one platform.
  • Off-the-shelf web Content Management Software using Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Off-the-Shelf Knowledge Management Software
  • Industry best practices for ensuring quality. ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • Global Presence to ensure constant customer contact
  • Highly talented consultants recruited from India


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